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  • To engage, educate, and empower students to foster gender equality in society.


    The MSAAW Foundation aspires to create awareness on pressing societal issues such as gender inequality, body positivity, toxic masculinity, relevant legal procedures and so on. We believe it is imperative to start conversations that question and challenge our pre-conceived notions, practices, and beliefs surrounding gender. We do this by

    1. Conducting workshops in schools and colleges.
    2. Partnering with organisations having a similar vision.
    3. Organising events to create discourse among the public.
    4. Utilising social media platforms to spread information and bring to light the achievements of successful women.

    Our future goal is to see each and every individual embrace themselves and march on to live life on their own terms in a gender equal society.



    #Hitoyoutoo is a hashtag campaign wherein women are speaking up against cyber bullying and harassment. To be part of that, just inbox the screenshot of the messages to our FB page.


    "Write your story for us, because nobody can script it better than you. Make a small video narrating your video for us, because only you should feature in your movie. Send us photos, because it is your memories to make. All you amazing women, it is your time to take the spotlight, in your own lives. Email it to subha@msaaw.in


    Getting our young girls to dream big is the first step to shattering glass ceilings and getting a seat at the table. Every story posted here is about the future achievers! Watch out world, they are out to surprise you!


    This is the pride of our organisation. We conduct workshops in schools about gender equality, feminism and gender stereotyping and set up an environment where they learn about acceptance, tolerance and coexisting.