The Change

My Story as a wo(man) is a social initiative dedicated to create awareness about gender equality. The name emphasises the need for men being part of the battle for a gender equal world. MSAAW works with educational institutions to bring about a change in the mindsets of children as far as sexism and patriarchal norms are concerned.

The Mission

MSAAW mission is to raise awareness about gender equality with specificity to women empowerment. Having said that, we strive constantly to instill a sense of a gender equality in young school and college students. MSAAW is eager to partner with NGOs, social media and other platforms to campaign against archaic and condemnable social practices which is holding back the generation of today.

Our Vision

My Story as a Wo(Man) has the vision to see each and every individual embrace themselves and march on to live life on their terms in a gender equal society.

We Aim To

  • Support those who wish to see an unbiased world regardless of the gender, socioeconomic status or religion.
  • Discuss and promote gender equality on various forums.
  • Identify women who have achieved milestones despite circumstances and share their stories.
  • Spread awareness about the legal provisions available for women to safeguard their rights.
  • Conduct events to garner interest and ideas for implementing from the youth.



"Write your story for us, because nobody can script it better than you. Make a small video narrating your video for us, because only you should feature in your movie. Send us photos, because it is your memories to make. All you amazing women, it is your time to take the spotlight, in your own lives.
Email it to"


"#Hitoyoutoo is a hashtag campaign wherein women are speaking up against cyber bullying and harassment.
To be part of that, just inbox the screenshot of the messages to our FB page.


Pen down your thoughts and create awareness on the rights that a woman has in the society. Write the Rights to give all the women better foresight!


A space for articles in random to showcase the writing talents of the women in the society.