Subha Nivedha

"I am a law student, very vocal about my love for animals among other things. I love traveling alone and street food is the way to my heart. MSAAW has redefined the word “independence and responsibility. It's quite easy to let people shut you down. But what matters is for a person to rise above that and shine. I think my journey with the initiative has taught me that. I consider this initiative as an opportunity for me to help a few other women realize the same."

Swaminathan Shankar

I'm a free man who supports an individuals rights over a society's in general. A CA final student, I believe that the best way to make a mark in this world is through entrepreneurship. After 3 years at a 'big four' financial services firm, i am now passionately involved in building my own website and application development company. I fervently hope for a gender equal society and believe that most crimes perpetrated by each gender on the other can be reduced and even eliminated through a taboo free interaction between men and women. It is this belief that got me on board the MSAAW initiative.

Shrishma Dandekar

A strongly opinionated aspiring lawyer, I believe everyone has a right to be every possible thing they wish to be. I believe patriarchy's demise is long overdue. I believe gender has nothing to do one's power. The world needs love, lots of it.
A passionate solo traveler and bookworm who is equally excited by an issue of Cosmo, I hope the society allows every human to embrace their identity.

Vignesh Sankaran

An unbiased society is the example of well grown nation. A techie by profession and social reformer by thoughts. I support the causes of cyber security and women in technology. A hacker, coder and a self learning culinary artist. I wish everyone of us put our hands together for a unbiased society in near future.

Dreams Alive Foundation is a Kenyan organisation that aims at promoting sports (mainly football) and facilitating education of disadvantaged students for the wellbeing of the community. We do this through identifying and nurturing young talent whom we push to play the sport professionally and serve the community back. DAF also engages in mentorship program for school going children and addresses barriers that children face in school by providing learning aids and materials to them. DAF will be conducting their soccer academy launch this April through a soccer tournament targeting Five primary schools in the region. The organisation has also developed a good rapport with the community and through our CSR (cooperate social responsibility) we are planning to do water and health projects in the area among others.