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Subha Nivedha  

Subha Nivedha in an LLM Candidate at the Leiden University, Netherlands. She is a legal researcher, activist and gender rights facilitator. She is a TEDx speaker. She has previously worked with Association of Lawyers, Russia. She is also a researcher at The POLIS PROJECT, a collective focusing on collecting data on Political Violence in India.


Deepshika Arasu 

Deepshika grew up in Chennai and pursued her undergraduate studies in Biotechnology at the National Institute of Technology, Warangal. She aspires to better understand the workings of the human brain and simultaneously destroy patriarchy in the society. As an intersectional feminist, she would like to empower individuals across the spectrum to find their voice and fight for their rights.


Sharada Raj

A recently qualified Chartered Accountant, she is a person who believes in the desire to reach out and make a difference. Volunteering is about learning to make our lives into a process of being willing. A passionate traveler and artist willing to contribute to make a difference.



Vignesh Sankaran  

An unbiased society is the example of well grown nation. A techie by profession and social reformer by thoughts. I support the causes of cyber security and women in technology. A hacker, coder and a self learning culinary artist. I wish everyone of us put our hands together for a unbiased society in near future.