Unburden Your Trauma

Who We Are

Every story of sexual abuse, violence and harassment is a painful experience. It is reality for the victims in a society that often erases and downplays the pain of that experience. At MSAAW Foundation, we are working on addressing sexual abuse and violence by keeping the focus on aiding the victims but pinning the accountability on every other stakeholder to do their part in addressing it.

We are a youth-run organization that has professionals with a diverse portfolio to create a trauma-informed, victim-centric approach to sexual abuse/violence.

• A community that starts with ‘how to help’ rather than questioning the incident of sexual abuse/violence.

• Support groups are for not just victims, but friends, parents and partners of victims.

• An inclusive, safe and confidential space that is caste informed, LGBTQIA+ and disability friendly.

Every Woman Deserves a Violence-Free Society