About us

The MSAAW Foundation also wants to take an intersectional approach to feminism, addressing the socio-economic influences on sexual and/gender-based violence, including but not limited to caste, disability, gender and sexual orientation.

The team at MSAAW aims to create a platform that facilitates people from diverse backgrounds to work together to make for a less violent world. We are aiming to create a community and work together rather than work with a small team with impossible and idealistic goals.
Our main focus is to work on creating more awareness towards trauma-informed approaches and create a victim-friendly society. This translates to giving allies the tools and information needed to be effective.
Victims need practical support that includes mental health and legal knowledge, both of which are often expensive and overwhelming. We have created a model that is more affordable and simpler, allowing victims/survivors to have agency over their lives.

Subha is a lawyer, researcher and consultant with extensive background in addressing sexual abuse/violence. She is also an advisor for various NGOs in victim centric and trauma informed advocacy. She has worked on addressing sexual violence including against children, men, marginalised communities, and in different geographical areas ⎯ Africa and the Asia-Pacific in particular. She has been a vocal advocate for victims and has been a speaker at various platforms including at TEDx.

She has an Advanced Masters in Public International Law, with a focus on Peace, Justice and Development. She is also certified in the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at Workplace Law in India.


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer

Deepshika grew up in Chennai and is currently pursuing her PhD in Neuroscience. She is a bad feminist (thank you Roxane Gay) and proudly owns it, and loves interacting with people who are interested in understanding their role in the system we operate in. She is specifically interested in the intersection of science, gender and policy. At MSAAW, she is committed to advocating for women across ages to dream bigger and bridge the gap found in all domains. She plans to leave no stone unturned to make sure that happens.
MSAAW Foundation is built with the help of volunteers, interns and other allies to ensure that we were creating an inclusive, safe and supportive platform. We are incredibly grateful to the support of everyone who has been with us in various capacities to ensure that we grew and sustained over the years.