Mental Health Hub

The Mental Health Hub at MSAAW Foundation is to support victims, but also create avenues to supporting different people in assisting victims/survivors of sexual abuse. Our current and two major projects are Doorways to Acceptance (a community support group) and the Mental Health Clinic.

• This is a community support group set up on discord to ensure confidentiality and also a single platform to host multiple groups of people. True to its word, it draws strength, lessons and support from people who identify with each other’s circumstances.

• People care but often don’t know what to do. We as a society need to be taught various tools to help effectively. Being a friend, parent or a partner and supporting a victim/survivor is not easy. It is important to lean on others in similar situations to learn from and also practice self-care.

• Often conversations around sexual abuse is limited to cis-upper caste women. While they are also victims, it is important to include the LGBTQIA+, disabled community and victims of caste based sexual violence to truly reflect experiences and understand what has to be done to make it better in India.

• It is moderated by members of that specific community to ensure fair representation. We strongly strive to use our platform to enhance the voices of the underrepresented communities and not talk on behalf of them.

• Most importantly, this is a platform that accepts that everyone has work to do, including the team in learning and unlearning better practices and language. We are proud of this community support group because we don’t want to sit on a moral high horse and dictate a ‘right’ approach. We want to learn and unlearn with everyone and help facilitate that in a safe manner.

Please click HERE to find how to join the Discord server.

DISCLAIMER: It is a safe and confidential space where victims/survivors can come together to support and heal together. Please note that this is not a substitute for therapy, but a therapeutic space that hopefully makes healing less lonely.

The clinic is an initiative dedicated to bring mental health aid to victims/survivors who have faced or are facing sexual and/or gender-based violence. We aim to provide therapy and counselling to adults (18+) who are in need of and wish to seek therapy.

• We have an internal team of mental health professionals and a roster of volunteer therapists and counsellors working with us who would take in cases as per their specialization.

• We operate on a sliding scale model to ensure that mental health services are more affordable to a wider range of people. The client can choose what they can afford to pay per session.

• We have a team that is available to work collaboratively with you to guide you and find a mental health professional that would be most suitable for your needs. The process will ensure that you are not alone and you have someone to support you through it.

• We are working to increase the diversity of the mental health professionals on our roster to make sure that no one feels alienated.

Fill this GOOGLE CONTACT FORM and apply for a pre-counseling interaction
(evaluating is not exactly the right word) with us.

You can also reach out to us via